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Experience negotiating 5,000+ bulk, marketing and access agreements provides a critical understanding of telecom service provider motivations, including programming pricing structure. capital expense influence and ROI expectation. 

Bulk Agreements

Interested in generating ancillary revenue while providing an attractive amenity?  Bulk video and Internet service agreements are a increasingly common structure being utilize to maximize ancillary revenue.  By focusing on future-proof solutions we secure customized video and Internet service packages at competitive rates.

Exclusive Marketing

Exclusive marketing agreements are capable of providing one-time and recurring revenue streams while granting residents the choice to select preferred providers.  Variations of marketing agreements and competitive markets create an opportunity to increase ancillary revenue while allowing providers to compete for customers.

Access Rights & Leases

With minimal commitment, opportunities are available that generate revenue from access rights.  Granting access right to serve your community and/or access to rooftop and structural leases can generate recurring revenue.

Client Portal

Project management & tracking, revenue share reporting and financial forecasting represent a portion of the service and support provided in our Client Portal.  Portals are uniquely designed around our clients needs, providing dashboards and updates that support our clients access to key performance indicators.


What technology is available and what is the best solution for your community; Fiber-Coax Hybrid, Fiber to the Home/Unit, 5G, Satellite Solutions?  These are questions we answer for our clients.  With access to the latest industry trends and consumer demand research, we provide our clients with detailed assessments of market conditions, while securing optimal bulk and marketing terms from qualified providers.  


Need assistance navigating current ERRCS and DAS solutions required for first responders and community safety?  Want to understand your rights to wiring in and outside of your community?  We provide guidance related to the most recent regulations and codes, granting assurance your community is providing technology that exceeds market standards.

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